Season Four

  • Ep. 64 Show Programs

    Whether they end up in a box in your closet, back at the theatre, or in a recycling bin, almost every theatrical show you go to see has an associated program. In this episode, Glen and Jim dissect the show program, examining its content in detail, discussing its pros and… [ More ]

  • Ep. 63 Starting in Community Theatre

    We’re 63 episodes into this podcast, so what better time than now to talk about getting started in community theatre? Know a friend, who’s interested in joining your hobby? This is the episode to point them to! Glen and Jim talk about beginning a new hobby, what’s involved, and what… [ More ]

  • Ep. 62 Theatre Therapy (Session 1)

    In this episode, the lads take a break from more formal topics and open up their brains to let out all their random theatre thoughts. You might gain insight on Glen and Jim’s theatre thought processes, feelings about the latest show one of them saw, how theatre relates to their… [ More ]

  • Ep. 61 What I Did on My Summer Vacation

    Great Autumnal Equinox, Backstage Show fans… we’re back! In this episode, Jim and Glen talk about some changes for Season Four of the show, where they went on their respective summer vacations, and what they’ve been up to, theatre-wise. See our revamped website at, were you can now buy… [ More ]