Returning Soon!

We’d like to thank our listeners for their patience as we have navigated the Coronavirus pandemic. As community theatres in our area stopped staging shows, we were feeling somewhat disengaged with theatre. Added to that were changes to our schedules, the inadvisability of in-person recording, and general COVID-related ennui.

After much soul searching and discussion, we have decided that we will begin recording again shortly, with a goal of starting to release new episodes beginning this autumn. Recording will all be done remotely (including any guests), which will require more processing work. Therefore, we will not likely be releasing episodes every week.

Barring such unforeseen circumstances as a demanding public, this is likely to be the final season of The Backstage Show in its current form, with a goal of an even 100 episodes. Beyond that, we are discussing other projects, and we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

Thank you all for joining us backstage!

— Glen & Jim

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