Month: November 2018

  • 32 Theatre Burnout

    Glen and Jim talk about drawing the line between involvement and over-involvement with theatre, including how that line moves over time, and what to do to combat burnout and maximize enjoyment. Got your own story of theatre burnout? Share it with us at! See our website at or… [ More ]

  • 31 Expectations of Community Theatre

    Riffing off an Arts People blog entry by Patrick Spike, Jim and Glen explore the evolving expectations of community theatre (from inside as well as from the audience) and discuss the implications. Arts People blog article: Patrick Spike’s website:

  • 30 Set Design

    The set often gives the audience its first impression of a show. Glen and Jim bring Erin Ryan in to discuss the ins and outs of community theatre set design.

  • 29 Sound Design

    Theatre may be a visual medium, but a good production meets your ears with more than just the actors’ voices. In this episode, Jim and Glen discuss details about sound design for community theatre.