Month: May 2021

  • 95 Stage Management

    In this episode, Glen and Jim discuss that most vital of backstage roles: Stage Manager. While their direct experience is somewhat limited, as directors, they know how the skill of a stage manager can make or break a show once it’s opened. Please visit to learn more about the… [ More ]

  • 94 Auditions Revisited: Monologues and Scene Partners

    In the latest episode, Jim and Glen return to a topic not discussed since the first season of The Backstage Show: Auditions. This time, they talk about how to prepare to deal with monologues and scene partners. The former may be rarely encountered, but the latter is nearly unavoidable! As… [ More ]

  • 93 Sharing Stories Not Germs 2

    We’re back! Again! After another longer-than-intended space between episodes, Glen and Jim return to discuss how they’ve been filling their theatre time as the pandemic (hopefully) winds down. Spoiler alert: They both found a way to get involved in shows. Visit our website at for Backstage Show swag, to… [ More ]