Month: October 2019

  • 66 Mystery Shows (Halloween Special)

    Once upon a midnight dreary, two hosts pondered, weak and wearyOver many a staged mystery, from recently and long ago—While they babbled, nearly ranting, so exhausted, nearly panting,From their banter, their banter on The Backstage Show.“Hi, I’m Glen,” one muttered. “And I’m Jim” the other, Lo!—“And welcome to The Backstage… [ More ]

  • 65 Theatre Therapy (Session 2)

    Back to random babbling this week and Jim and Glen talk about their ongoing place in theatre and how it fits into their lives. Is it time for a shift, or is it time to take a break? Visit our website at, where you can now buy Backstage Show… [ More ]

  • 64 Show Programs

    Whether they end up in a box in your closet, back at the theatre, or in a recycling bin, almost every theatrical show you go to see has an associated program. In this episode, Glen and Jim dissect the show program, examining its content in detail, discussing its pros and… [ More ]

  • 63 Starting in Community Theatre

    We’re 63 episodes into this podcast, so what better time than now to talk about getting started in community theatre? Know a friend, who’s interested in joining your hobby? This is the episode to point them to! Glen and Jim talk about beginning a new hobby, what’s involved, and what… [ More ]