Month: December 2019

  • 75 Looking Back on 2019 (New Year Special)

    As the year draws to a close, Jim and Glen look back on what’s happened with their lives and with The Backstage Show. It’s been about two years since this crazy journey began, and their jokes are just as bad as ever. Thanks for sticking with us throughout 2019, and… [ More ]

  • 74 Chestnut Roasting 2 (Christmas Special)

    Glen and Jim are at it again, roasting another classic, beloved “chestnut” show for their holiday special. Join them at the fireside for snide comments, mildly amusing quips, and horrible puns as they celebrate the holiday season. And why not provide them with a Christmas gift of communication? Simply visit… [ More ]

  • 73 Production Feedback

    From audience applause to media coverage to adjudication, no feedback methods are left untouched by Glen and Jim in this episode. They discuss how to separate the wheat from the chaff, how to handle the community theatre “receiving line,” and more. Please visit us at, where you can find… [ More ]

  • 72 Community Theatre Evolution

    In this episode, Jim and Glen discuss ways in which community theatres evolve over time, what and why they might change (or stay the same), and the associated consequences. Don’t forget, you can give us episode ideas, ask questions, or make comments about our show by going to and… [ More ]

  • 71 Theatre Therapy (Session 3)

    Once again, Glen and Jim are back on their respective theatrical therapy couches to talk out their mental problems. This time, they dive into what it means to feel a part of “the group” when doing a show. Visit our website at, where you can buy Backstage Show merch… [ More ]