Month: June 2019

  • 57 Improv

    In this episode, Jim and Glen discuss applications for improv in community theatre and share their stories. To contact the show, call 267-225-8869 or visit

  • 56 Why Community Theatre?

    If you’ve never gotten involved in community theatre but you’ve stumbled across this podcast, perhaps it’s a question you’re now asking. If you are involved, maybe it’s a question you still ask yourself. Glen and Jim discuss the why and share their thoughts.

  • 55 Theatre Politics

    Jim and Glen discuss the basic leadership structure common to most community theatres, touch on their experience with theatre politics, and how you might best avoid becoming ensnared.

  • 54 Community Theatre vs. Independent Film (Part 2)

    Glen and Jim sit down with independent filmmaker Steve Niles (S&N Films), who’s also involved with community theatre, to discuss the similarities and differences he’s found between the two.