• Mini: Post-Show Game

    In this theatre-centric “minisode” from That’s Our Show Glen plays a quick game to help discuss his recent endeavor directing the stage play Dial “M” for Murder at The Barley Sheaf Players.

  • New Podcast Promo

    We don’t have a new episode of The Backstage Show for you (yet), but we are happy to announce our new upcoming podcast, That’s Our Show! Listen to this promo for details, including games, discussions, scripted content, and more. We look forward to being back on the airwaves this summer!

  • 100 Curtain Call — 100th Episode Retrospective

    We did it!! In this episode, Glen and Jim look back on 100 episodes of The Backstage Show. After more than three years, they discuss how things started, how they’re ending, and where they go from here. Thanks so much to all the listeners who made this milestone possible! Connect… [ More ]

  • 99 Onstage vs. Backstage

    In this, the penultimate episode, Jim and Glen respond to some listener feedback and address the age-new question: Which is better, working onstage or backstage? With their combined experience, they finally come to a definitely definitive conclusion that you’ll have to hear to believe! Or maybe they don’t! I mean,… [ More ]

  • 98 Costumes, Makeup, and Props (Oh My)

    In this episode, Glen and Jim squeeze in a few important topics that have been on their radar for a while: costumes, makeup, and props. Discover why these are essential elements of any production… and possibly why they haven’t been covered in a previous episode! As always, you can contact… [ More ]

  • 97 Lighting Design

    Glen and Jim return their march to 100 episodes with a topic that should have probably been covered years ago: stage lighting. Joined by their friend and lighting designer Mike Fitzgerald, they discuss aspects of theatrical lighting from design through operation. As always, you can contact us or listen to… [ More ]

  • 96 Publicity

    In this episode, Jim and Glen get together with Deb Topka of Barley Sheaf Players to discuss the role of Publicity. Learn a bit about the ins and outs of how to get the word out, and where that word might go. Please visit podcast.backstage.com to learn more about the… [ More ]

  • 95 Stage Management

    In this episode, Glen and Jim discuss that most vital of backstage roles: Stage Manager. While their direct experience is somewhat limited, as directors, they know how the skill of a stage manager can make or break a show once it’s opened. Please visit podcast.backstage.com to learn more about the… [ More ]

  • 94 Auditions Revisited: Monologues and Scene Partners

    In the latest episode, Jim and Glen return to a topic not discussed since the first season of The Backstage Show: Auditions. This time, they talk about how to prepare to deal with monologues and scene partners. The former may be rarely encountered, but the latter is nearly unavoidable! As… [ More ]

  • 93 Sharing Stories Not Germs 2

    We’re back! Again! After another longer-than-intended space between episodes, Glen and Jim return to discuss how they’ve been filling their theatre time as the pandemic (hopefully) winds down. Spoiler alert: They both found a way to get involved in shows. Visit our website at www.backstage.link for Backstage Show swag, to… [ More ]