• New Podcast Promo

    We don’t have a new episode of The Backstage Show for you (yet), but we are happy to announce our new upcoming podcast, That’s Our Show! Listen to this promo for details, including games, discussions, scripted content, and more. We look forward to being back on the airwaves this summer!

  • 100 Curtain Call — 100th Episode Retrospective

    We did it!! In this episode, Glen and Jim look back on 100 episodes of The Backstage Show. After more than three years, they discuss how things started, how they’re ending, and where they go from here. Thanks so much to all the listeners who made this milestone possible! Connect… [ More ]

  • 67 The Backstage Roadshow 2

    En route to another theatre interview (to be aired next week), Glen and Jim are at it again for another Backstage Roadshow. This time, they discuss representations of various transportation types on stage. Visit our website at backstage.link, where you can buy Backstage Show merch to help support the show. You… [ More ]

  • 15 The Backstage Road Show

    Join Jim and Glen in this special episode on the road as they discuss various theatre-related transportation issues.