66 Mystery Shows (Halloween Special)

Once upon a midnight dreary, two hosts pondered, weak and weary
Over many a staged mystery, from recently and long ago—
While they babbled, nearly ranting, so exhausted, nearly panting,
From their banter, their banter on The Backstage Show.
“Hi, I’m Glen,” one muttered. “And I’m Jim” the other, Lo!—
“And welcome to The Backstage Show!”

Now distinctly, please remember, now and well beyond December,
At backstage.link is where our website grows.
Eagerly we wish you’d visit;—that’s not asking too much, is it?
We won’t ask you in explicit—explicit to visit our store, no!
But to our store, you can choose to go.

No silken shirts, but cotton, and other items not forgotten
Might thrill you—and support for us you may undergo.
So that later, to your needs we just might cater,
And in episodes we can maintain the status quo.
This it is… and nothing mo’.

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